Role: Director and Environment Artist

Client: CTM Festival / ClubQu / Resident Advisor

Event: https://www.ctm-festival.de/festival-2021/programme/features/cq5

We’ve teamed up with @ctmfestival and @clubqu for edition CQ5.
CQ5 is a virtual reality club experience presenting a database of queer movement into Club Qu.
The hetronormative space in which 3D and video game culture exists needs destabilising. This is a motion capture archive, a database of queer movement and an open source tool for artists. It’s a hub for movement to exist in a space created for those who subvert gender and sexuality norms, a place created solely for queer expression. Experts believe that between 70–93% of communication and language is non verbal. How we communicate and express ourselves is undeniably not just through what we say but how we walk, dance, move, and gesticulate. The ongoing process of creating this archive is to allow queer people to define themselves through action, physicality, body autonomy, self expression, and freedom. The archive, initiated by Sam Aldridge, co-founder of IOR50 Studio, began in London but will be an on-going, open space for the documentaion of queer movement.

Please email for free access to the motion capture archive!

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