The Antwerp Cyber-6

We collaborated with MUTANI on the project THE ANTWERP CYBER-SIX

The Antwerp Cyber-Six is a project that recklessly traverses the lines between fashion, games, fine-art and cinema. Serving high-creative legacies and talent to brand new audiences. The project has been in development for over six months, spearheaded by Antwerp based digital fashion network MUTANI supported by the City of Antwerp.

Inspired as a software update for the iconic Antwerp Six:

Cyber-Six is named as an homage to the six graduates (1980) of the Antwerp Fashion Department, who became the most influential avant-garde collective in fashion history. In order to re-ignite this legacy, MUTANI invited six Antwerp-based creative zealots to blaze new virtual trails: Brandon Wen, Flora Miranda, Max Rittler, Nadav Perlman, Shayli Harrison and Stefan Kartchev.

Selecting only the most unreal — of real archival looks from each designer, we translated six digital fashion silhouettes on six custom avatars.

IOR50 Studio